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ART Sectors  
Automobile Sector
  • Stainless steel catalytic converters materials for auto exhaust systems for environmental reasons. Each such unit use to 6 to 12 kgs of stainless steel depending on the model and make. India produced 1.7 million passenger vehicles in 2007-08.
  • Indian motor cycle manufacturers are using stainless steel in critical locations such as fasteners, engines and now handles made of stainless steel are also being used.
  • The use of stainless steel LPG cylinders in cars is also gaining momentum.
Railway Sector
  • The railway workshop of Southern Railway at Trichy has received an order for manufacturer of 1200 stainless steel 409M grade wagons. Each wagon will use 8.7 tons of stainless steel.
  • Indian Railways have a fleet of 30,000 passenger coaches of corten steel (carbon) which demand – excessive amounts of maintenance cost. They also do not last long. LHB coaches with stainless steel shells Arc currently produced in RCF, Kapurthala. Being a stainless steel of 12 percent chromium, their corrosion resistance needs to be reinforced with paint system. In further all corten carbon steel coaches will be replaced by stainless steel coaches.
  • Railways have decided to use only stainless steel coal wagons. For the production of these wagons about 80,000 tons of 409M grade stainless steel has been tendered by the Indian Railways to make 7,000-8,000 coal wagons in 2007-08. Each such wagon will use about 10 tons of 409M grade of stainless steel.
  • Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation (MRVC) will buy 1,500 coaches from ICF, Chennai. About 2.5 tons of stainless steel will be used for each coach. Stainless steel is being used for roof panels, fans, partitions, doorway grab poles etc. by MRVC.
  • More and more volumes of stainless are being used in luxury buses.
  • Port Authorities are also using more volumes of stainless steel in their various equipments, offices and other installations.