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Keeping pace with changing technological trends to satisfy assorted customer demands, Rajputana provides specialized solutions to them with its state of the art infrastructural facility. With the heat size of 20 tons, the company produces around 50,000 tons of stainless steel in the most austenitic and Duplex grades in various forms of Long products. From the production of packaging and dispatch of the products, each step is closely monitored and controlled by stringent QC standards. Once the product comes at the packaging level, various key attributes like safety and precise material handling are taken care of by expert team who with their keen assistance and years of experience make it sure that product has reached to its destination safely. To perform this smoothly, the company puts in practice a specialized packaging process wherein each and every product is packed in a qualitative manner to assure absolute safety in transportation. As per customer's call, the company also offers customized packaging solutions and marks the finished and packed products with labeling containing details like size, weight, batch, etc. With such superior infrastructural support…the company has not only fulfilled but has exceeded customer expectations with its committed and comprehensible industry solutions. The customer base present in every nook and corner of India as well as customers on the other parts of the world can vouch for this truth.

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