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Our Srengths  
We believe we are well positioned to capitalize on the growth opportunity in the Indian Stainless Steel sector due to the following:
  • We are a well established & mature Stainless Steel Production Unit: From being a small scale production unit having a annual capacity of 3000 MT in 1999 we have grown exponentially to having an annual capacity of 40000 MT and a production of over 13,000 MT for the nine months period ended December 31, 2009. There have been no instances of lock-outs or strikes at our plant and we are very confident of our product and its quality as well as its perception in the market. Since we are setting up our own Rolling Mill, and Bright Bar unit we shall be able to provide complete finish Stainless Steel products right from Scrap to End user, which will in turn show positive effects on our profitability margins.

  • Abundance of Quality and Low cost Man Power: We currently employ around 241 employees. Most of these employees are local and are on the payroll of the company. Halol being a small town compared to the other major metro cities and towns, the local man power costs are much lesser and hence benefits in cost competitiveness. Also, culturally man power in this area has a lot of industrial work experience due to high amount of Industrial activity from plants such as Panchmahals Steel, General Motors & Tarapuria Steel which are within a radius of 4 kms from our plant.

  • Easy Availability of Raw Material: We source our Raw Material i.e. Scrap from Domestic as well as International Markets. Our plant is 60 kms from ICD Dashrath Port and hence helps optimize transaction costs and shortage of raw material. Also, there are various local suppliers like Shree Ram Steel, Ratnesh Metal & Co, etc which are at close proximity to our Plant and are regular suppliers of Scrap to us

  • Abundant sales and trading experience of the Promoters and Key Management Team: Our Promoter Directors and Key management personnel have over 20 years experience in the manufacturing and trading of Stainless Steel Products and Steel Scrap. They have excellent relations and goodwill in the market. Also both our Marketing Offices i.e. Mumbai and Vadodara are in close proximity to their local Stainless Steel Markets.

  • Excellent track record and customer relations:  We have been supplying Stainless Steel for over 8 years to various Rolling Mills and other Stainless Steel Product manufacturers. Our clientele includes Suraj Stainless Ltd., Rajratna Metals and other such Stainless Steel Players.

  • Almost zero litigations and disputes: Apart from just one Income Tax Tribunal Appeal there are no other Criminal/ Civil cases /arbitration proceedings filed against the Company; and this results lower risk of contingent liabilities and cost reduction in pertaining to professionals.