Utility of Products

All of the above stainless Steel products that we produce have different utilities depending on their grade as is shown below:

301: automobile trims, conveyor belts, transportation cars such as railway coaches, metal fixtures for construction purposes, roof drainage products, storms door farms, tableware
304: chemical, petrochemical and fertilizer industries and as equipment in dairy, food processing, pharmaceutical industries, in hospitals, household as kitchenware, sinks cutlery, cryogenic vessels and as heat exchangers in air conditioning / refrigeration, for machinery in paper pulp, textile, beverage sectors
310: air heaters, annealing boxes, ovens, carburizing boxes, fire box sheets, furnace lining, furnace stacks and dampers, gas turbine parts, heat exchangers, kiln lining, nozzle diaphragm assemblies for turbo jet engines, oil burner parts, paper mill equipments, oil refinery equipments recuperators etc.
316: architectural trims, marine exteriors, chemical processing equipments, food processing equipments, petroleum refining equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, photographic equipment, pulp and paper processing equipment, pollution control
321: aircraft exhaust stacks and manifolds, pressure vessels, large mufflers for stationery diesel engines, carburetors, expansion bellows, stack liners fire walls, super heaters
409: heater tubes, transformer and capacitor cases, dry fertilizer spreaders, automotive exhaust systems including mufflers, resonators, silencers, pipes and emission control units, high pressure agricultural spray tanks, culverts, shipping containers, farm equipment
409m: ears, chutes, launders, luntons, conveyor equipment and systems, tanks general handling equipment, structural application in corrosive industries, transport, walkways, cableracks
410s: furnace parts and burners operating below 650 C, Micrometer parts, tray supports, caps and vaporizers in petroleum fractionating towers, lining for reaction chambers, coalscreens, fishing tackles, keys, lamp Brackets, rules and types, walls screen, steam turbine buckets blades, buckets covers, pump parts, petrochemical equipments, press plates etc